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Today digital marketing is a very popular word in the business world. Digital marketing is also called online marketing or internet marketing. 
In the current era, the business world is fast moving towards traditional analog methods to digital.

Most of the people are using the digital content on every day via Whatsapp, on a smart feature phone, tab and on the monitor at their work.
The corporate or semi-corporate business organization that haven,t yet identified the need for digital marketing tricks which they need to accept for their business strategy.

 Today we observe the fantastic and quick result and awareness of digital marketing tricks and is growing like anything or compared to old types of business method.
Today there is the demand of E-newspaper, Ebook, Email and not an inland letter and postcard like this in every category people like digital information. It appears that day by day digital media is replacing the traditional forms and becoming habits of our daily life.
We also say those work which is done on a computer with the help of internet is called digital marketing or simply say, we are available digitally on a computer. 
Everybody wants to be digital and want to be popular in their business by applying digital marketing tricks.

In easy terms, digital marketing is a way of marketing which can be done with the help of internet on a digital platform like on the website, social media platform, promotion of blog post, youtube and so on.
So we also say that to promote our business digital marketing tricks are very important. We may send information in the form of text message, attractive video of our products and by email. These are the medium by which we may reach to the prospective audience. The main goal of digital marketing is to sell and promote business by using digital marketing tricks.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Method

The traditional method of marketing is television, print media like pamphlet, dangler, leaflet, and banner. Today in the modern world these methods are very costly to advertise our product and also not possible to track the output of our promotion.
It is the only digital marketing tricks which are very useful, which is very useful time-saving and gives a quick result. If any digital marketer launches a new product, they may create awareness by sending email to the customer.
 The digital marketer may send their promotional message of their products by making a video on youtube or send a message through SMS, besides these, there are so many methods for the promotion of products.
To launch any product in the market, first digital marketer makes a solid and concrete strategy and now they try to identify the prospective customer to sell their product and use the most convenient and easiest way to sell their products.
Every organization need cost-effective methods of promotion or advertisement for their sales or promotion, so digital marketing tricks strategy is most cost-effective. Any campaign of social media on Facebook or Twitter, Email promotion campaign will convey our message to the target audience would be far more cost-effective as compared to advertisement given on television or print media or on a large sized banner.
In digital marketing way, we can easily track this campaign very easily and quickly and alter our strategy accordingly. 
 Digital Marketing Tricks
1.      Search Engine Optimization

Simply we called it SEO and it is used to optimize our website. This tricks we use is free of cost and it does not require any cost. We don’t have to pay anything to anybody. It has two types known as on page SEO and off page SEO.
Now we try to understand regarding SEO. First, on page SEO is also call it on-site optimization. In on page optimization, we try to optimize our website according to the guidelines of the search engine.
 The popular search engine is Google, Yahoo, and Bing. It has a very important role in optimization of our website. On the page, optimization includes following terms which are responsible for the ranking of our website like keyword research, our competitor website analysis, Tag optimization, and URL.
In my previous post I have highlighted all the important terms in details so if you are interested to know all the details please read SEO friendly tips for website

 Off-page optimization –This is a trick of SEO which refers to improve the ranking of our website in search engine result page (SERP), here we work on our website and use this tricks to get a high rank on any search engine. 
For this work we do link building, writing the blog, submission of an article, social bookmarking, blog marketing, search engine submission, video marketing, and photo sharing. These tricks help us for better ranking for our website.
If we use these tricks by applying on our website we can surely make our reach to our prospective audience and enhance our business.

2. Search Engine Marketing (SMM)
    It is digital marketing tricks by which we have to pay to a search engine for few keywords, which help us to get a top ranking in search engine. As I have defined that keyword plays a very vital role by which people search something to land on our website.

3. Social Media Marketing

We may promote our business on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. For example, if you want to promote your business on Facebook you have to pay to Facebook for your promotion. 
Here you can promote your business as per your choice like you have the option of location, demographics, interest, customer behavior, connection, and custom. The minimum budget for promoting your business on Facebook is 1 dollar. With these options, one can have multiple options for promotion on Facebook. Likewise, all the social sites have different tools and option to reach the target audience.

4. Email Marketing
 By the help of email marketing, we can also promote our business by purchasing software from the service provider. Email marketing is a digital marketing trick which is very popular today. You can make your strategy for the promotion of your business by doing email marketing. You can track everything from your customer behavior.
These are some vital digital marketing tools which help you in a growth of your business digitally and very economical as compared to the traditional method.
According to Darwin theory, the survival of the digital marketing is here to try to adapt these digital tricks before going to extinct from business sooner or later. 

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