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About Digital Pankaj Classes

Hello friends, 

Thanks for visiting on my “About Page” at Digital Pankaj classes

I have introduced “Digital Pankaj classes” on 11 march 2017 with an ambition to

provide necessary possible guidelines and tutorials related to blogging, digital marketing and on other

Useful articles and for those who want to work as a blogger. The main motto of starting this blog is to

Create an active group of bloggers so that they can learn and utilize every angle of Blogging in a fine tune manner.

How Digital Pankaj Classes help?

Digital Pankaj classes’ continuously tries to come with quality blogs for bloggers to educate them to 

make their blog more informative gradually. My selected and informative posts on different topics will

surely help them to be an independent and quality blogger.

Blogging is an art which require proper help and perfect resources to learn concepts that result in

better outcomes. So here digital Pankaj classes play a vital role to educate newly entered bloggers which provides important and informative blog post which ultimately generate revenue.

My blog mainly highlights on below mentioned level.

Social media marketing


And other Digital Marketing tricks.

Dear friends, 

Founder of Digital Pankaj Classes

I am Pankaj Kumar from Ranchi, Jharkhand.

 I am a Young and energetic blogger. 

I am fond of learning new things specially related to digital marketing from different authors and bloggers and satisfy

my requirement. I devote my leisure time to read articles. This result produce better 

content for my blogging post.

I am a freelancer and have knowledge of different skills like 

designing, social media marketing, SEO

and content writing for social media. I am always updating myself for different skills to keep my

blogging on top position. I have a desire to be a better blogger and skilled digital marketer.

I want digital Pankaj classes to be a top blogging website and interested to be a skilled blogger in future.

I heartily thanks to my readers, who are visiting my blogging platform.

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