8 powerful features to save your email account from ransomware hackers?

Admin |Pankaj Kuma|Ransom-ware Hacker 

Today the world has become digital. We want to do all the work fastly with the help of our computer, naturally, 

for all these DIGITAL work we have to use our email id and many times we have to provide email id to our service provider.

To expose our email Id to others, many times it is not safe. The ransom-ware hackers always search our id for hacking purposes.

3 killing features for a powerful mobile battery

"3 killing features of Powerful Mobile Battery"
Mobile Battery

Admin| Pankaj kumar | Powerful Mobile Battery

Often when we purchase a smartphone, the first preference we give to powerful mobile battery and it is assessed by mAh (milliampere-hour) because we assume that this is the only parameter of a battery which is more important for our smartphone. 


7 important features while purchasing pen drive/USB flash

Pen drive When any person has the interest to purchase any laptop, smartphone or any iPhone one always make a thorough survey ...

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