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As we know that salt and sugar is a part and parcel of our day to day diet. Due to an extreme shortage of time,
 We consume processed food from the market, and we have habituated to doing this. This processed food has a high content of

Salt and sugar, which go into our body daily.
As we know that body requires different types of food and nutrient.

There is need of minerals and vitamins to our body
Similarly, the body also requires salt and sugar in a small quantity. But if we take more than this it may keep our body at risk.
It may cause serious heart disease and other different heart problems.
It may substitute the other food we take like vegetables and whole grains.
Many studies have revealed the harmful effect of salt and sugar.
Excess consumption of sugar may lead to inflammation of arterial walls, which may cause heart disease and strokes.
Sugar Arts

Just like, salt can increase the volume of body fluid, thus increasing the blood pressure, which also causes the stroke and heart problem.
#Advantage of salt
1. Salt is required for the absorption and transportation of nutrient of our body.
2. When we take salt or sodium chloride the chemical name breaks in the body.
The chloride part becomes part of the acid, which is needed for absorption of nutrient for the absorption as we usually take.
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Salt is essential for regulating blood pressure and volume of fluid in the body.
4. The Proper amount of salt in our body maintains the overall balance of body fluid which is present in our body.
5. It maintains in sustaining regular blood PH level.
Which is a sign of good health? Salt is used in different food items in high quantity.
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#The disadvantage of salt

1. Excessive sodium in our diet may cause a serious and dangerous side effect.

2. Like high blood pressure as well a fluid built up in people with congestive heart failure, kidney problem, and cirrhosis as per studies daily requirement of salt per day is the 2300mg /day which is maximum take for our body.

#Advantage of sugar

1. When sugar words come in our mind it indicates to sucrose fructose and glucose.
2. When we consume sugar it converts into sugar and releases energy.
Fruits and such other foods are rich sources of national sugar and after its consumption, it does not harm our body. Some companies add sugars to processed foods and reduce the actual nutrients from the edible items. Artificial sugar can lead to weight gain.
#Disadvantage of sugar
1. Increase weight gain
2. Dental Problem
3. Obesity
4. Health problem
 Like the risk of hypertension, diabetes, depression and also a risk of summary, I will suggest all of my readers that,
Please take as much as taking fruits and vegetables. Please avoid to taking sweets and soft drink. After all, we have to protect our health from different problems. So looking the above fact, I will suggest me, all the readers that please take enough precaution to look after your health.
Because it is said that
 “Health is wealth.”

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