How to Keep Your Mind Active?


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It is very important to keep our mind active and fine, even in old age. A healthy mind always gives us a positive result. From an inactive mind, you can’t expect a good response in any walk of life. So we should try to make our mind active with the help of some tricks.

Today, most of the people are living in great stress to complete their needs, but it is not good. 
We have to work according to our need. There is no any end of our need. If we don’t hear of our mind, in the long run, it will affect our mind and in that condition, nobody will help you. It may cause hypertension, blood pressure, and other severe heart problem. So a piece of mind is very important.
Always take nutritious food

 To protect the mind, we should always take the food which is full of antioxidants, these foods protect the cells from certain damage in the body.
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The richest sources of antioxidant foods are a lemon, strawberry, dry fruits, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, eggs, and fish.
Always try to activate your mind
 As it is said that our mind is just like a machine, as much as you use your mind more it will be active. So always try to read and write something.

Try to solve some brain game like Sudoku, puzzle, and online brain game. Try to sing something and always try to use whatever related to our brain in doing something.
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 Do Musical Exercise (aerobics)
When our age increases, the relation of neurons breaks, but when we do physical labor or exercise it protects the cell damage. That person who is fitting their mind will be also fit. As it is said, “A healthy body has a healthy mind”.  Those people who regularly do exercise or yoga are known to everyone that they have healthy the mind. Today everybody will suggest that do yoga, exercise, aerobics, and other hard physical work like don’t use lift use stairs this is a type of exercise, swimming, running, playing in the field, these are the well-known physical exercise.
Don’t take the stress
 Stress is responsible for damage to the brain cells. It also affects the power of learning, memorizing. So please try to be calm every time. If the condition is critical you may take the help of yoga and meditation. Always try to be happy. Time to time participate in the TV laughing show, which may reduce stress. If you are really interested,  
To involve in taking a piece of mind please try to walk near the garden, nearby river or sea beach it will relax your mind and body. Also, this activity gives a good result in our digestive system, nervous system, on blood circulation and also on our breathing system.

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Take enough sleep
 Sleeping is very necessary along with work. For maximum comfort to our mind, please try to take eight hours sleeping. The capacity may become double when we take enough sleeping. In the current situation, people are not taking enough sleep due to their hectic work schedule. It may cause obesity also.
So, dear friend,
I will appeal you please hear the sound of your heart and act accordingly.

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