7 important features while purchasing pen drive/USB flash

7 important features while purchasing pen drive/USB flash
Pen drive

When any person has the interest to purchase any laptop, smartphone or any iPhone one always make a thorough survey to get one the best which also fulfill all your needs but when you purchase pen drive/USB flash one does not like to survey. He purchases as per his/her need. Most people purchase 2 GB or 4 GB pen drive/USB flash. 
In a recent survey, we came to know that today more than 80% of the people purchase pen drive/ flash drive to store their data. There are so many types of pen drive /USB flash are available in the market with the different shape, size, colors, and features. Their speed and storage characteristic is totally different from each other. Most of the person gets attracted due to its colors and fancy design but unfortunately, they do not go longer due to bad quality and virus attacks. Here due to this problem and unauthenticated of these products, we lose our money, time and bad effects on our laptop. So while purchasing these pen drive/USB flash you have to know so many features in your mind to get a good pen drive/USB flash.

What is pen drive?

Pen drive is a device which generally looks like a pen and it has the capacity to store your files, pictures, movies, excel data and other files. It is very useful to carry our data very easily to anywhere. But many companies are marketing these devices with the wrong advertisement of their device.
There are two types of the version available in the market of pen drive /USB flash.
7 important features while purchasing pen drive/USB flash
Pen drive with laptop

1. Speed of pen drive/USB flash

When you are going to purchase pen drive/ USB flash, there are two types of the version available in the market one is 2.0 version and 3.0. The version 3.0 has more speed than 2.0. The speed capacity of 3.0 version transfers data at a speed of 100mb per sec while 2.0 version does this work at 10-15 MB per sec. The version 3.0 is new in the market. In our laptop and desktop, 2.0 port is available. So if we purchase 3.0 version it is no use of us, if we use 3.0 version in our laptop it will give a speed of 2.0 version.

2. Size of pen drive/USB flash

The size of this device plays a very vital role. If the size is bigger and thicker in size, it plays a good role, smaller size does not give a good performance. Today the size of this device is becoming smaller and thinner. The weight also explains its performance because with the understanding of weight we can understand that the more component has been used in the device. If the weight of the thinner device is less it is easy to carry anywhere but due to use of fewer components, it damages very soon and easily.

3. Password protected pen drive/USB flash

If you carry important data in your device and very serious for its security than it is very important for you to use password protected pen drive. By using password protected device you may secure your data permanently.

4. Judge the quality and not price

Many times we have observed that there is a similarity between devices of the same company but there is a difference in price, in this condition I will suggest you that purchase the costly device. The costly devices may be packed with more component, weight, and size. So if you have the capacity to buy such device it would be better for you. These types of the device provide high transfer speed and some extra features. But if you want to purchase this device for general use than economical device would be also better.

5. Limited lifespan

Every pen drive/USB flash has a limited lifespan. This device has the capacity to run 3 to 5000 cycle, which is very high. One more point I want to say you that if you borrow a pen drive from your friend, it is not much use for you because it has already been used many times or you can say it has done so many cycles for the use of data transfer. So in this condition, if you use this device you may lose your data.

6. Compatibility with operating system

Most of the reputed branded pen drives are very compatible with all the common operating system like window XP, window 7 and others.

7. Requirement of memory

Pen drive/USB flash is available in different memory capacities like 1 GB, 2 GB, 4 GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB and 128 GB. The need of these categories of device totally depends on your need, you may choose one from these devices.

How to purchase pen drive?

There are so many brands available in the market and good brands always give warranty of 2-7 years and it varies from company to companies. So if it causes any problem you can replace or repair from their service center. If you want to purchase this device for a general use you must check its transfer speed.
Please also keep this in your mind that if your data is important and very sensitive, you must choose a password protected pen drive /USB flash. The most renowned brands in the markets are Kingston, SanDisk, and Transcend.


So in the long run, I want to say you that all the real facts have been highlighted in this blog. Now you may take your decision before buying pen drive/USB flash.
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7 important features while purchasing pen drive/USB flash

Pen drive When any person has the interest to purchase any laptop, smartphone or any iPhone one always make a thorough survey ...

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