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By Admin| Pankaj Kumar| SEO Tips

Dear friends,
Today, I am writing some of the valuable tips, which is very important to make your site SEO  friendly.
The ranking of the pages on the website is a very vital factor for all the people who are writing blogs or doing SEO. SEO friendly means, what is the SEO friendly URLSEO friendly design. The SEO friendly, the meaning is very simple, it especially indicates towards the ranking of the blog or any post on top of the google page. Most of the blog and website admin work very hard for the ranking on Google the first page to find credibility from others.

•    Make the website only on one topic

Always try to pick up only one topic for your website or for your blog. If you have planned your website to write on health tip and you are also writing topics on online marketing, technology or on some other topic, in this situation you post will not rank high on search engine. If you are doing SEO, use only one keyword so that you submit this to Google. So I will advise you, please use one topic for your website. 

•    To Mention only one keyword everywhere

Here, I will suggest that you use only one keyword everywhere in your all places like make your domain with same the keyword, make your social media account, like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and another account with the same name so that Google will understand that all are the same. Here you will keep all our products in a single basket only.

•    Link your pages with each other

As you know, that in any website, there are so many pages, so try to link your each page with each other. What will you find by doing this? If any reader visits your site, he will give maximum time to your site, he will search other post and his interesting topic, so bounce rate will decrease, which is good for your site. Your site will rank high in the Google and another search engine. All this will show, how much time a visitor has given to your site?

•    Permalink with keyword

Always try to use a permalink included with a good keyword.
For example, if you have opened a site for garment, in this condition the name of your site will be in place of permalink you can add a keyword.

•    Unwanted things which slow down your site

In many websites, you have observed that they have added so many plug-ins, many times it is not necessary at all which reduces the speed of your site. This plug-in effects in the fast opening of your site, so some visitors feel that there is a problem with these sites. If you have loaded some video which is very long, so it may affect the speed of your site, so here bounce rate may increase to your site, and ranking will also go down and Google will also feel that there is no original content on this site so visitors are not sticking to this site.  So please try to use the only useful plug-in and do not upload any unnecessary thing, so please keep up all these matters in your mind.

•    Link your site to another relevant website

If you want to improve your ranking in Google then please try to give the link on another website in your post. In this condition, Google will understand that both are the similar types of website. So in this condition’s your website will also rank high in Google ranking and another search engine. For example, if your website is related to photography, you link other website related to photography on your site. So all these activities will give you an advantage in the long run.

•    Addition of keyword in images

Often it has been seen that most of the people optimize their text in their blog or website, but they are casual in optimizing their image which that use on their site, but it is not good for ranking their sites on the search engine. SEO friendly image when we insert in our site one can get better traffic. When selecting your image, the ideal size of the image should be 30-100kb and resolution should be 72 dpi. The two big size of an image takes more time on loading.
Uses of a keyword in images are a good thing. Always give a name of images in your post. You may use relevant images according to your post. If you are inserting images or video on your website, Please keep this in your mind that it should be added along with an ALT tag. This ALT tag plays a very vital role in ranking of your website and it draws a good traffic to your website. The image should also be relevant to the content.

•    Regular update of your website

Regular updating of your website is very important. If you are not updating your site than the ranking will go down and Google robot will not index your site. Here Google feels that on this site no post comes regularly. You have to post frequently for ranking of your site or update the site.

•    Indexing of your site in search engine

After regular updating of your site, now you have to check whether it is ranking in the search engine or not? You should submit your site to the Google, Bing or Yahoo with webmaster tools. Google webmaster is a very important tool, which gives a complete report on your website. So here I will suggest you make an account with this tool to take a complete observation.

•    Some other popular website links to you

"seo friendly image linkinking image"
link of a website
Here you have to visit some other popular website and you have to comment here and submit your website link. In this condition, if someone is visiting is that popular site the visitor will come to your site also. In this condition, your site will be popular like that.

•    Integration of translator

Use of translator option in the blog or website plays a very important role. For example, I am writing this blog in English because I understand and read this language better. But in some cases, people want to read my blog in Hindi. In that case, if I integrate the translator in my blog, then it is beneficial for someone. Just like this reader can choose their language of their choice.

•    Be sure the design of your website is accessible

We have to check our website access on all the browser if it does not happen then it affects the ranking on search engine. It is very important that our site will open on all the browser otherwise people will not access our site and it would be harmful to the site because people with this condition will not purchase our services or our products.

•    Integration of social media site

We should make our site SEO friendly by integrating the social media site on our website. There should be social media icon on our site so that we can share our post on social media or people will follow us on social media also, the main sites are Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. The Search engine gives good value to the important social media site. 

So if you follow these steps, you may become an expert SEO for your website.   

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