8 powerful features to save your email account from ransomware hackers?

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Today the world has become digital. We want to do all the work fastly with the help of our computer, naturally, 

for all these DIGITAL work we have to use our email id and many times we have to provide email id to our service provider.

To expose our email Id to others, many times it is not safe. The ransom-ware hackers always search our id for hacking purposes.

 The hacking of any account is always dangerous. So it is very important to protect our account.
Today the majority of the people use the email account for sending and receiving the email. The email account is a very beneficial method for doing such an activity. Most of the people protect their account by applying a password, but have you ever think you have saved your account?
No, you are wrong. There are so many tricks which you don’t know. These are the methods by which the ransomware hackers may hack your account and they may blackmail you. They may demand money or some other things.
You have so many latest new recently where they hacked so many bank accounts, important ID, is and disturbed the normal life of the people.

They attacked so many important institutions of the government like the railway, train services, bank ATM, automobiles factories and others.
Recently in June ransom-ware attacked at a country Ukraine in Russia, which affected the whole country.

So if you want to protect you’re your account from ransomware hackers, here I have given some useful tips. By following these tips one can easily save their accounts of mail id.

1. Antivirus

Those people who are regularly using email id for sending and receiving emails, a powerful anti-virus is very necessary for their tab, laptop, desktop, and computer. It is also highly recommended for users to scan their files and data regularly. 
When we use our computers and laptops, there is always a production of temporary files and junk files and to remove these files is very important. Always use high-quality anti-virus to protect your system. We should always update our operating system.

2 Password

Always it has been seen that people do not change the password of their email id regularly. So here it is advisable to you that time to time change a new password is very necessary which may help your account to protect from ransom-ware hackers. 
Make a strong and long password which should always contain a special character, Alfa numeric word, the capital letter, the small letter and besides this when there is the option of a security question you have to use some difficult question which should not be easily recognized.
"8 Powerful features to save your email account from ransomware hackers"
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3. Dual Security Option

Let’s discuss this option of dual security option. In this method to protect and save your email account, use a dual option. In this option whenever you log in our account you will get an additional code on your mobile phone and you access your account when you use this code. Here you have to take precautions that you will not use the sim of others.

4. Use of Email Id on another Computer

To protect our email account from ransomware hackers we should not try to log in to other personal computers, mobile, desktop, and any other cyber cafĂ©. It has a possibility to make your account hacked. If the condition is really important, please try to use the private browser.

5. Unauthorized E. mail

Many times you have observed when we get an unauthorized email of a winning lottery ticket or any other types of reward. We should not click such types of an email link. It may hack our account.

We should also try to lock our blue tooth tools. Blue tooth tools are an option from which someone can connect with our account and can hack the same. One more idea I want to share with you we should not open any unknown email which may be any virus that may hack our account from ransomware hackers.

"8 Powerful features to save your email account from ransomware hackers"
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In online banking from mobile, these types of the virus may hack our banking account also which you can understand how much it is dangerous for us.  We should not trust on anyone. These links can be sent to you by your friends and other's close relatives on social media. So please verify this before clicking these links.

6. Public WI-Fi

Today there are so many places where WI-Fi is free of cost, here I will suggest you do not use your mobile or PC. These tools may send a virus in order to your mobiles, PC or on your computers.

7. Update Your Mobile Number

Updating mobile no with mail id is very important today. Most of the top websites ask our mobile not to update with our id. For example, Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo and most of the top class websites ask our mobile not to secure our id from ransom-ware hackers. 
When we change our mobile no, we may update it with our email id. The advantage of this mobile no is that it informs us if there is any unusual login. In this condition, we can change the password for our ID.

8. Information of E.mail account

We should not share the information of our email account to anyone, it may be very dangerous.
If you are really interested to know more about email hacking, please follow WIKIPEDIA
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