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I hope apple is the fruit which is a very common nutritious fruit we often took in our breakfast at lunch, at the dinner, in parties, in a marriage ceremony or on some other occasion.
But nobody much took interest what is the real value of this beautiful fruit, which God has been supplied to our human being on this earth.

The proverb “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”

Today, in this blog post, I will highlight some of the tips regarding this fruit which may be beneficial for you.The secret value of Apple has plenty of rich anti-oxidant, dietary fiber and phytonutrient which has the power to fight against different disease like diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and others.

Health benefits from APPLE

1. Protection from cancer

Some variety of apple is a rich source of flavones, which could help us to reduce the chances of a risk of developing pancreatic cancer
"apple with leaf"
Apple with leaf

You will surprise to know that some people don’t like to eat the peel of apple which is the rich of a compound triterpenoids that have the potential anti-growth potential fight against cancer cells in the liver, breast, and colon. It also helps to save us from colorectal cancer.

"Mix colour apple"
Red and green color mix apple
2. For perfect and healthy teeth
If you are using an Apple on a daily basis its good. During eating its leaves saliva, which helps in the decay of teeth and also there is a possibility of lowering of bacteria.
3. Alzheimer’s disease
When we take apple juice regularly, we could keep this disease away also we can fight the bad effects of brain problem in old age. Therefore, I will suggest we should take this juice in our regular diet, whether in the morning or at lunch time.
Apple with water droplet

4. Parkinson Disease
In this disease people generally, suffer from nerve problem which happens in old age. Because, Apple has anti- oxidant which has the power to fight with free radical. So people should take this fruit and other high fiber diets.

5. Protection from diabetes

Apple protects from diabetes in those who consume it regularly.

6 Reductions in cholesterol level

Apple has soluble fiber, which helps in reduction of cholesterol level.The benefits of green apple is well known to everyone
Green apple

7. Perfect heart
As we know that it contain soluble fiber which prevents thickening of an artery wall. If plaque builds in artery wall it prevents a free flow of blood in the artery, which may cause coronary artery disease in the long run.The benefits of green apple are more than red apple but green apple does not like too much.Most of the people preferred color apple.So this is the secret value of Apple.
"Green apple with leaf"
Green apple with leaf

8. Gallstone
If there is a production of cholesterol is high in your bile duct Dr. suggests patient to take a high fiber diet which you will find from this fruit which maintains the cholesterol level.

9. IBS
It helps from constipation and another bowel disease like from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome)

10. Body weight
It helps to control your body weight.

11. Protection from hemorrhoids
As you know that this is a very painful condition that Hemorrhoids are a swollen vein in the anal aperture sometimes there is dripping of blood from the affected area. When someone exerts presser it may bleed. High fiber containing fruit may give you relief in such condition. Hemorrhoid may happen to someone due to a control of defecation.

12. Prevention of cataract
 So we should include this fruit in our diet. We can take this fruit in a different wayMost of the people take it raw, we can take apple juice, we should take this fruit along with peel should not remove the peel.So the choice is yours as you like it.

The secret value of Apple is given on my blog.Now it is your job to take benefits from it.

So, from this blog, I will advise you that please make
a part of your daily diet, which will cure your total health problem.


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  1. Excellent post! I just read another article you wrote about the benefits of pineapples, but here's another informational read about the benefits of apples. I am going to make a much for conscious effort to eat more fruit. After all, you are what you eat.
    Thanks again!


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