3 killing features for a powerful mobile battery

"3 killing features of Powerful Mobile Battery"
Mobile Battery

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Often when we purchase a smartphone, the first preference we give to powerful mobile battery and it is assessed by mAh (milliampere-hour) because we assume that this is the only parameter of a battery which is more important for our smartphone. 

There is the smartphone available in the market which provides a powerful battery of 2000mAh, 2500mAh and another storage capacity. If we purchase a smartphone which shows powerful battery of high mAh we think it gives us a good backup for a long time duration without observing other features of a smartphone.

In spite of a powerful mobile battery, we have to see the other features of the smartphone also because the only battery is not enough.
Today in this blog I want to highlight the features other than 
powerful mobile battery.

In any good smartphone not only the RAM should be high, storage and camera but also should have a good powerful battery. During purchasing of a good smartphone despite a good powerful battery we should always see the type of battery that is installed in the phone, its charging capacity and also the mechanism of a charging. 

"smartphone powerful  battery

We always have been observed that when we see the features of a mobile in a box, we have found that the mobile company displays the capacity of the battery in a unit like mAh. It is written on any battery to show the batteries electrical capacities.

 It also shows that the timing of battery to produce its output. More the value of mAh of the battery more its capacity to give its output for a phone. Just like everything on the earth the battery has also a self-life to produce its result or output.

I will suggest to my readers that when you purchase a phone from the market, please try to assess the capacity and capability of a battery. Power capacity is displayed in the form of w-hours and it has always been written on its insertion in the box of a phone.

Watt of any battery always helps to increase the life of a battery whereas the capability shows how much time your battery will charge your phone?
Therefore if battery gives maximum charging to phone it is better for our use, we assume I have an awesome smartphone with a powerful mobile battery. Nowadays we often see that some company claim that their mobile has a maximum capacity of charging and sustain for a long time.
I personally observed with my mobile it does not sustain for a single day after charging its full capacity and company has claimed that we are providing 4100mAh battery with two days backup, but it is totally false.

So now I once again suggest you, during purchasing of a smartphone please try to observe following 3 killing facts by which  
You can select a powerful mobile battery according to your use.

1.Lithium-Polymer battery and lithium-ion battery
Today in our mobile phone mobile companies are using these powerful mobile batteries. This lithium-ion charging comes upon after it's charging.
The polymer batteries are more advanced than the lithium-ion battery. Its qualities are very fine and genuine quality, due to its maximum charging capacities and capabilities. These batteries are very costly.
In the market both the options are available but the choice is yours and it depends on your need.
''3 killing features of Powerful Mobile Battery"
Mobile Battery
For example, the customer who is the user of gaming and watching movies, for those person Lithium polymer battery is more useful but for general use like for emailing or reading purpose lithium-ion battery is sufficient.

2. Nonremovable or removable

As a mobile user, you know very well that there are two types of battery used in our mobile by the mobile company. The battery which can remove from the mobile is called as a removable battery. It gives us the option to replace the batteries from others, and other batteries which are inbuilt (not- removable) in the mobile are called nonremovable.
"3 killing features of Powerful Mobile Battery"
The removable battery may be removed from other battery from other company. Nonremovable batteries are more powerful than a removable battery. But in this battery, the problem is that when it damages, in that condition you may not be able to replace with other batteries. In MI series of mobile, the batteries are inbuilt which I am personally using.

How to select?

Both the battery choice depends upon your use and also on your category of job. If a person is from marketing segment and would have hectic traveling, in this situation nonremovable battery is a better choice due to its powerful result. 
It charged your phone for a longer time. In this option, you cannot lose your battery due to it,s inbuilt option.
In the removable battery, when it damages you can easily replace from other, for a general use it is good for you.

3. Wireless charging and wired
Today there are two types of charging option in the market, one is wireless charging and another is wired. But wireless charging is not so familiar with our mobile user. This types of charging are very useful but costly also.
"3 killing features of Powerful Mobile Battery"
Mobile with charger
How to select?
If you are financially strong go for the wireless charging. It is useful and powerful for your phone and it gives long life to your mobile. But one more point I want to suggest you that check your mobile is it ready for this type of support?

To increase the life of mobile battery please try to keep the brightness of your phone low and also try to remove the mobile apps time to time. It has been observed that mobile apps consume the battery very high. 
Please also close the blue tooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS when there is no use. Auto-sync also consumes the very high amount of battery so it is your cleverness to close these tools. Higher the mobile apps in your phone higher the consumption of battery so download only those apps which are important for you. 
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