Why Indian Homemade Salads are so healthy?

"indian homemade salads
mixed salad

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As we have found that Indian homemade salads are an important part of our meal, whether, it may our home or any restaurant. It not only increase the taste of our food, but also it is helpful to make our body healthy. Often, we have observed that children are not much interested in taking salads. As we all know that taking raw fruits and vegetables keeps us fit and fine. We feel better when we use a salad.
So we should have to prepare the salads in such a way that children take interest to take the salads. As we know that salad not only provides energy but it also gives strength to our body and makes us fit and fine for our day to day activity.

If you take only an  Indian homemade salads on a weekend instead of regular meal you will not find any weakness. Salad keeps our tummy fit and healthy. It improves our digestive power. We should always take a fresh salad.

In making Indian homemade salads we may include different fruits and vegetables. We can also prepare fruit mix salad also. In the fruit salad, we may mix papaya, grapes, banana, apple, watermelon, cherry, kiwi and others. If we take raw fruits and vegetable in the form of salad it provides good nutritional value to our body.
If you take fruits along with your meal you will find the following benefits.

1.Helpful in decreasing body weight 

The main advantage in taking salad along with a meal that it contains very fewer calories so it controls your body weight. The Indian homemade salads consist of good fat, olive oil. If we add avocado in our salad, our body absorbs iron, lycopene, lutein and other useful nutritional element.
So, in a nutshell, we can say that from the salad we receive nutritional element, but less amount of calorie.

"indian homemade salds"
Leafy salads

2.Relief from constipation

Constipation is the reason of all the stomach problems. If we cure our constipation we may solve major problems of our stomach.
Because salad gives energy to our body due to a high content of fiber. The main ingredient of salad is tomato, radish, beet, onion, and lemon, when we combine all these items it becomes rich sources of fiber which reduces cholesterol and constipation.
So if we take high rich fiber diet like a salad we may cure constipation.

Make a level of water in the body

If you add cucumber and radish in your salad it makes an optimum level of water in our body. If you add mint in the salad it is more beneficial in making digestion easy and removes a cough.
Mixing of both the ingredient makes the body detoxified.

"Indian homemade salads"
salads on a plate

 Helpful in healing power of wound

The salad is a good source of minerals and vitamins. So taking salad regularly makes our body healthy and energetic. Generally, we add lemon in making salad, tasty which is a rich source of vitamin C which increases immune power in our body. It makes our bone healthy and strong.
The salad has healing power so it heals wounds in some extent and also has some element which makes our blood thicker.
Brokli, salad leaves, cabbage and other leafy vegetables are rich sources of magnesium and calcium. The beat is helpful in increasing blood. It is rich in folic acid, iron, and calcium. Radish is rich in sodium, vitamin c, and calcium.
Eat homemade salads in a different way

A salad is not made by adding tomato and cucumber, but you can make a salad by adding thousands of ingredient which makes it healthier and healthier. They are different types of design, which increase our appetite.
"indian homemade salads"
mixed salads

 Eat salads to increase the quantity of vegetable intake

The right way to increase the quantity and the number of different vegetables in your diet is a way where we can take a number of salads. We should always take a raw vegetable, which surely grants the getting benefit of the enzymes and other minerals and vitamins in them. These enzymes help to our body to absorb the healthy nutrients in them. These nutrients keep us healthy.

Traveling of Indian homemade salads

One amazing aspect of salads is that it can be sent easily from one place to others because it is packed in a very easy way. Salads can be given in lunch pack.

No loss of nutrients, when you take raw vegetables and fruits

When you are consuming raw foods, it means you are injecting a dosage of high nutritional food to your body. We always feel that when anything we take raw it is far better than cooked foods. It also consists of live enzymes, which is more powerful. When we cook the foods, often enzymes destroyed by heat.


                So from today onwards, please make a habit of taking a salad with your meal and say goodbye to all your health problems.
Make salad your friend and advise all your friends and family members.

If you want to take more information regarding Indian homemade salads
 you may take information from  Wikipedia information on sald

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